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Protect yourself from the damaging
affects of rainwater on your home
with our full line of
Seamless Aluminum Rain Gutters.

FREE Rainwater Collection Analysis
of your home or other rain collection

Professionally designed and installed
potable and non-potable systems.

From irrigation use to ultra-pure
drinking water
for the home, no
system is too big or too small.
Pioneer water storage tanks,
Fiberglass collection cisterns, Water
disinfection systems and much more
in our Online Catalog.
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Welcome to T&E Services - "Providing Everything but the Rain"

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Our Commitment To Our Customers:
We are committed to nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction and will do all within our power to satisfy our customers. We
are dedicated to the industry and to our customers and want to earn your business every day.

As you shop around for your next Home Improvements Projects, you will find that we may not quote you the lowest price up front.  
Spending a few dollars more up front can save unnecessary costs and headaches down the road.

When comparing prices, it is very important to make sure you are not making an "apples to oranges" comparison between
different options.

Design Quality:   Rainwater Collection

Our design quality is unsurpassed.  Our designs include generous rain storage capacity, with the capability of adding more should
water needs increase.  All too often we receive calls from people who purchased a system from another company, with the
lament that they subsequently discovered they were sold undersized tanks, so that the sticker price of their system would
appear low.  They end up paying more in the end to get the capacity which should have been designed into the system up front.

Our designs include oversize pumps and plumbing so that you have plenty of water volume and pressure, even upstairs in
distant locations of the house.  We generously size downspouts, rain supply lines, pressure water supply lines, and pumps
even if it costs a few more dollars.  Rainwater Systems need to be highly efficient in their collection of rain, and provide pressure
and volume for use equal to or better than city water.  As we are called in to rehab systems installed by other rainwater
installers, those customers complain that they can't wash dishes and flush the toilet at the same time, or that their gutters
overflow with rain because of undersized downspouts or incorrect leaf and debris protection. Correcting these problems can
cost more and will be more aggravating than avoiding them in the first place.

You can trust our experience to get your project done right the first time.
As a family-owned business, we are steadily challenging ourselves to expand beyond traditional small business roles.
We maintain awareness of new technology that can further provide our clients with superior choices relevant to their needs.
Our ambition is to become your service organization.  Confidence & satisfaction. "Yeah, we'll do that!"

Does your home have Seamless
Rain Gutters?

If not, you could be causing expensive
damage that you're not even aware of.

3 Reasons Your Home Needs Rain Gutters






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