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Rainwater Collection

Rainwater can be collected from a variety of structures, such as:

  • house roofs

  • garages, shops
  • rain barns

Rainwater collection systems can be retro fitted to most existing
structures, or incorporated into new construction.

For new construction, early involvement in the planning process with
homeowners, architects, and builders can often result in significant
cost savings, more efficient systems, and greater satisfaction.

Potable rainwater collection systems utilize a variety of roofing
materials as collection surfaces.  Metal roofs provide the cleanest
and most efficient surface.  Other materials, such as tile and
composition shingles are successfully used.  The use of toxic
materials, such as lead flashing for tile roofs should be avoided.

You can achieve water independence!

What do we mean by water independence?  

Natural rainfall can provide you with all the water you need to achieve
complete self-sufficiency for your home.  Please take a moment
to find out how our modern technology and superior service have
brought this centuries-old farm practice into the new millennium.

instead of a well?

Rain can be an excellent sole source of water.  Hundreds of homes in
Central Texas already utilize rainwater collection as their only water
source.  With proper system sizing, you can be sure to store enough
surplus to see you through annual drought and dry spells.  Rainwater
is very affordable compared with the cost of drilling and maintaining a
well, and can be more reliable when properly designed.

Superior Service

We pride ourselves on providing systems that require the lowest  
maintenance while providing the safest, highest-quality drinking water
available.  Whether for home or irrigation, professionally installed or
Do-It-Yourself, our Collection Systems are the best.  Dedicated
research and development help guarantee our quality and efficiency
and we are proud to stand behind our work.

Services Available

Turn key potable systems on new construction
* Complete rain barn potable systems
* Non-potable do-it-yourself systems
* Potable do-it-yourself systems
* Repair and redesign of pre-installed systems
* System maintenance
* Parts and supplies
* Cistern cleaning

Taking water samples to test your water:

Two public labs which offer this service are:

Texas Department of Health
1100 West 49th Street, Austin, Texas 78756-3194 (512) 458-7318

Edwards Aquifer Research and Data Center
Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas 78666 (512) 245-2329.

Obtain sterile test bottles, sampling instructions, and forms from these labs.


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